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More than Ever Before, Resiliency is a Critical Organizational and Individual Competency

Resilient employees bounce back from setbacks and focus on what can be done rather than on what cannot. As companies navigate the rough rapids of the environment businesses face today, resiliency becomes a differentiator and a predictor of the companies that will survive and thrive.

To help our clients meet the demands in today's business climate, Change Results has recently launched RESILIENCY RESULTS™. This comprehensive toolkit is designed to help you select resilient employees, develop resiliency as a competency in individuals and teams, and build resiliency into your company's culture.

With the tools in the RESILENCY RESULTS™ suite, you can:

Resilient organizations are more innovative and better able to navigate the sudden turns and setbacks of tough and uncertain times. Resiliency
increases results and will create a competitive edge for your organization.

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